Mortgage Bankers

Navigator Lending Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for mortgage bankers to choose from, either a la carte or as a package. This allows lenders to develop a plan that blends their existing successful resources with the resources offered by Navigator Lending Solutions to efficiently manage capacity restraints  and improve loan quality. Navigator Lending Solutions fulfillment services are a variable loan cost solution that offer flexibility and scalability for managing your loan pipeline production. Additionally, we provide superior customer service levels to ensure your company maintains its reputation for quality service.

Our highly trained team and innovative technology platform provide the necessary infrastructure to help you control time to market, overhead and capital expenses. NavPros specializes in managing capacity for our customers’ business, eliminating their operation risks and ensuring their compliance regulations are being met for loan delivery. By running your clients’ credit reports with our patented technology, we can parse out the data more effectively than the traditional underwriting process does. With the tightening regulations being imposed on the industry, human error during the underwriting process is more costly than ever before. Navigator Lending Solutions technology reduces the risk of human error by 95%. This is a cost-effective, compliant and completely automated way to manage your loans.

We service the following mortgage professionals:

  • Brokers
  • Broker to banker
  • Mortgage bankers, including net branches and retail branches
  • Correspondent lenders

One of the most effective services Navigator Lending Solutions offers lenders is our closing/post-closing service, with closed loan delivery to the conduit investor. Navigator Lending Solutions has been selected as an approved fulfillment vendor with national conduit investors to provide this service once the loan has been approved and underwritten.  Our closing/post-closing services include:

  • Quality loan review of closing data and closing documents
  • VOE, USPS Lookup, OFAC check
  • Document preparation of the closing package
  • Coordination of fees with settlement agent for final HUD-1 statement generation
  • Completion of regulatory audit checks  and assurance that all fees are within tolerance checks
  • Review and  approval of final HUD-1 statement to ensure accuracy
  • Fund request from the warehouse bank, for timely funding
  • Review of critical collateral docs for accurate borrower signature pages prior to funding authorization
  • Secure closed loan package, forward collateral package to the warehouse bank
  • MERScorp assignment
  • Provide quality loan review on closed loan package, scan and upload to investor
  • Monitor for E&O conditions and clear conditions
  • Secure purchase advice from investor and forward to warehouse bank
  • Loan accounting reconciliation and interim servicing
  • Trailing document procurement
  • Annual 1098 reporting
  • HMDA and State data reporting
  • FHA/VA insuring

How Can We Serve You?

The Navigator Lending Solutions business development team will consult with you about your corporate needs and develop a best practices implementation plan to provide solutions that fit your company objectives.

If your mortgage banking institution is ready for a positive change in the way it does business, contact Navigator Lending Solutions today to speak with a mortgage fulfillment and technology specialist.