Fulfillment Services

Navigator Lending Solutions, a division of Land Home Financial Services, Inc., is mortgage fulfillment division designed to assist lenders with managing their daily operations more effectively. Customers can outsource a specific function of the loan process, to streamline business, and right size your operation to maximize profitability.  Our solutions ensure seamless management of your workflow, up to the minute complete loan status, and precise queue management to help you deliver more outstanding service. Our technology suite of fulfillment services provides a flexible and variable cost solution that help our customers manage their mortgage business operations’ capacity, time to market, overhead, and capital expenses.  The services we offer were designed using industry best practices, yet each of them can be tailored to a lender’s specific needs. Our experienced, highly qualified team will work with you to design a solution based on your unique fulfillment requirements before implementing and delivering these solutions across our state-of-the-art, compliant mortgage technology platform.  Our objective is to protect and build your brand image by simplifying compliance, improving services and increasing your profitability through meticulous management of loan production.

Our services include:

  • Loan processing
  • Initial Disclosure Package
  • Document preparation
  • Closing coordination services
  • Investor delivery/Secondary Market
  • Funding Coordination (Loan level balancing and accounting)
  • Pre and post close loan purchase review
  • Warehouse line management
  • Government insuring assistance (FHA/VA and USDA)
  • Trailing document procurement
  • Mortgage electronic registration services (MERSCORP)
  • Annual 1098 reporting
  • Sub-servicing for Portfolio Loans

Strategic planning and implementation of a business channel with us is a worthwhile, cost effective and scalable investment for growth.  We understand that the mortgage banking industry demands exceptional quality loans for secondary market delivery, and efficient processes are more important than ever to ensure healthy investor relationships.  Our fulfillment services allow for the expansion of a lender’s existing production channel or the opportunity to open new sources of business by addressing capacity constraints and lowering initial capital investment. Throughout our fulfillment operations, our experienced team is focused on managing loan pipeline capacity with superior customer service, while eliminating operational risk and ensuring performance requirements are met for delivery of quality loans to the secondary market.

To learn how our mortgage fulfillment services can be tailored to meet your company needs, contact us today. A knowledgeable representative will be glad to speak with you.