Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is a Prerequisite
Land Home is wired for fast interoffice communication. Our in-house financial
professionals and a staff of full-time technical experts keep Land Home Financial on
the cutting edge while preserving client privacy. Confidentiality is a prerequisite
for every technological advance we make. This technical infrastructure allows us to
live up to our commitment of providing diversified funding options and consistent,
superior, personalized service to our clients and partners.

Our Guide to Protecting Your Privacy
The purpose of this section is to explain how Land Home Financial protects and how
we use your personal information when and after you obtain a home loan from us. We
want you to know that information given to us is safe, secure and used in a
responsible manner. Your privacy is a priority to all of us at Land Home.

We use advanced data-encryption and storage technology to protect your sensitive
personal information. In addition, we utilize the secure certificates. We have
implemented extensive administrative, technical and physical safeguards and quality
controls. These include:

  • Setting policies and procedures for carefully handling your information.
  • Limiting physical access to central facilities through the use of security systems.
  • Requiring third-party business partners that do business with Land Home to
    contractually agree to comply with privacy laws.
  • Auditing company security practices.

Clearly stated policies in our employee handbook and thorough on-the-job training in
confidentiality and customer privacy ensure that our employees are committed to
keeping your personal information safe and secure.

You Are Protected While On The Internet
Land Home has designed many features of our websites to let you anonymously explore
home loan options and other helpful functions, without revealing your identity. The
only information we collect are from “cookies,” which provide limited data, such as
the date, time and areas of our websites that were visited. This general information
enables us to serve you better by continually improving our websites and making them
more convenient. Only when you’re ready for one of our products or services do we
ask for identifying information, so that we can quickly process your request.

When you are asked to enter any personal information on a Land Home Financial
website, our systems automatically switch to a secure mode. The following security
features are used to safeguard your privacy:

  • Sophisticated, industry-leading encryption and authentication technologies.
  • Website design that blocks or limits online display of customer information
    when not necessary to you or the transaction.
  • IDs and passwords to protect sensitive information.

Information We Gather
In order to originate, close and provide servicing for your loan(s), comply with the
required government regulations and improve our products and services, we collect
and maintain a range of customer information, which includes non-public information.
This information may include:

  • From applications: Supporting documents and other data (such as your phone,
    Social Security and account numbers, assets, income and employment history).
  • Transactions: Such as your loan balance, payment history and other account
  • Credit Report: From a credit reporting agency (such as your credit worthiness and ,
    credit history).
  • Other Third Party Business Partners, Vendors and Service companies: Such as a
    property appraisal, purchase contract or membership number.

We are periodically required to disclose some of this data to third parties, such as
credit reporting agencies, federal and state regulators and loan investors, in order
to do business with you. We may also share all of this information with companies
that perform services on our behalf (such as the vendor who performs our quality
control or compliance reports). These business partners contractually agree to keep
the information confidential and not use it for any other purpose.

Unless you opt out, we may periodically share your non-public personal information
with affiliates of Land Home Financial Services, Inc. in order to offer you other
valuable services. These affiliates will take proper steps to fully safeguard your
personal information in accordance with Land Home Financial Services, Inc’s privacy
policy and state and federal law.